A new Sasanqua seedling that attracts attention with bright globular shape flowers

My new Camellia sasanqua seedling: Yuri Panchul YP0044, tentative name ‘Sunnyvale Carnival’. It was praised by well-known nurserymen and camellia collectors Tom Nuccio, Daniel Charvet and Brad King.

The seed parent of this plant is C. x hiemalis ‘Kanjiro’ and the pollen parent is probably C. sasanqua ‘Bert Jones’, since it grows next to Kanjiro in my garden and the seedling’s flower size and globular shape has some features of ‘Bert Jones’.

I came to this name after I went with my oldest son Albert Panchul to Christmas park in San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley, and my son got excited by the festivities. When he saw the carousel and people, he shouted “Look! It’s a Carnival!” When I saw the flower, I remembered the episode and the name stuck.

‘Sunnyvale Carnival’ is a strong, spreading, fast growing plant with big shiny leaves and large globular flowers, a combination of white and pink. It can grow in full sun, but grows optimally in partial sun location.