A new striped Camellia sasanqua seedling #0108

I got a new striped Camellia sasanqua seedling in my garden. Right now its name is #0108. Striped sasanquas are rare so it is an important find.

I observed only two other striped sasanquas – ‘Stars’N’Stripes’ from Nuccio’s Nurseries and ‘Autumn Carnival’ from Camellia Forest Nursery. #0108 is a seedling of ‘Stars’N’Stripes’. The seedling is more sun-tolerant and has smaller leaves than its parent. In terms of flower shape ‘Stars’N’Stripes’ is more consistently nicer, but #108 has some nice-looking flowers as well.

‘Autumn Carnival’ from Camellia Forest Nursery differs from ‘Stars’N’Stripes’ and #0108 in lighter color. I ordered three plans from Camellia Forest Nursery but was not able to grow them. They are either very sensitive to overwatering or very sensitive to the chemical the nursery puts to them to kill fire ants before shipping from North Carolina to California.

Anyway, here is #108:








For the comparison, here is ‘Stars’N’Stripes’ from Nuccio’s Nurseries:







And two (bad) pictures of ‘Autumn Carnival’ from Camellia Forest Nursery:



3 thoughts on “A new striped Camellia sasanqua seedling #0108

  1. Hello, Yuri. Any news on how your Striped #108 is doing? I became fond of striped camellias myself when I purchased a japonica called Eleanor McCown. On year #2, a branch started producing blooms that were normal, completely pink as well as a different white-pink mix…. different from what EM is supposed to look like. But EM looks like that due to virus, not genetics. I thought it was great (basically I got “several” camellias growing off the same bush). Theeeeen my dogs had “other plans” for the bush and I lost it. Is your #108’s blooming colors “stable”…. since you originally posted in 2014? Or has it done what my EM did (produce a sport off one branch)?

    A hedge picture I found in your website made me think of something else too. I have been thinking of doing a small hedge to cover a wall. I was planning to use sasanquas of different colors, possibly three different varieties that will bloom approximately at the same time…. and have not figured out how to determine that. Most labels and ads that I see just say general terms like a camellia will bloom “early” or in the Fall. Do you know of several sasanquas that for you in CA will grow almost at the same time?

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